Alberta, Canada

  • In the Oil Sands region in Northern Alberta, all wells are drilled horizontally as part of the SAGD extraction process. 9-5/8” and 13-3/8” casing sizes are commonly used. A major challenge is to log such large casing while keeping the tool properly centralized
  • Service companies used older generation CBL tools for horizontal logging and the tools failed to maintain proper centralization. Mainly because older tool designs lacked rigidity
  • DSS HSR-30 tools, combined with extra-strength RAC-30 centralizers, have enough rigidity to retain proper centralization in horizontal wells, yet able to log very large casing sizes. They can be deployed by Coiled-Tubing or Tractor
  • Several HSR-30 tools are used by the logging industry in SAGD wells and became the standard CBL tool in the industry for this region